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What we do!
We provide specialist help to adults, encouraging positive change, through individual and group support.

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Addiction Recovery classes are provided for
all types of addictions.
Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling etc.

You'll be assigned a recovery practitioner
to work through a care-plan
on your journey to recovery.



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Addiction Recovery for Sex Addicts.
Groups work and counselling will be offered
for all types of sexual behaviour
issues with Pornography, Prostitution,
and masturbation etc.

You'll be assigned a recovery practitioner
to work through a care-plan on
your journey to recovery.


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We provide counselling in a friendly environment
You will be given an consultation and then
you will be assigned an appropriate
counsellor to fit your needs.

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We have 10 places available at our facility in Hull.
Our residential services are for anyone struggling with addiction that desire to overcome their issues.
We are open to agency & self referrals

Clients Testimonies

For many years, I have been an emotional mess, the experiences of my past had bled over into my present day circumstances and relationships. At RHM, I attended weekly sessions with Paul, over time my life has changed dramatically, I'm more confident and positive on my outlook in life and as a person. I would recommend RHM and am so glad that I took the first step towards my recovery.
Mrs. L, Aldbrough, Hull.
Having being a alcoholic for over 20yrs and tried different AA style meetings and rehab, I have truly found a course that has got to the roots of my addiction problems. I not only know why I turned to alcohol but for the first time in years I feel alive. I now have full-time employment and remarried and living a successful FREE OF ADDICTION life.
Mr.J...This client is now in full-time work having been out of work for over 8yrs.
Collaboration with Your Physician
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who we are
We are a Christian Charity providing assistance to individuals that seek help to overcome any form of addiction. (Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Overeating etc).

We also provide training to any organisation seeking to implement a recovery centre in their community.

Reg. Charity No. 1150229
contact us
RHM Recovery
Head Office
Selby Street Mission
Selby St
East Yorkshire

Telephone: (+44)7817035430
what we do
We provide addiction recovery help for anyone that is struggling in their battle to quit any kind of substance or negative behaviour.